About Welcome to Blackaller Portraits In Pencil
I mainly specialise in drawing fishing portraits but can draw other subjects as well. Please visit my Gallery to see examples of my work. I draw freehand from photographs using graphite pencil. I love to try and capture the character of the person and the fish.
I live in North Devon and have been here for over 35 years enjoying the beautiful countryside and surroundings which range from moors to the coastline. David I am mainly a carp angler, although I grew up fishing for perch and trout in my local streams and ponds. I got into carp fishing when I was about 13 years old after I caught a small carp and was so impressed by it. Not long after that, I saw a photograph of a 30lb carp in a magazine and couldn’t believe that the small carp I had caught could grow so big. I was hooked on carp from then on. I mainly fish in the North to Mid-Devon area, fishing lakes like Furzebray, Creedy, Salmonhutch and Jennetts Reservoir. I have always loved carp fishing and I have always loved to draw.
In July 2012 I set up my art business to combine these two interests.
I grew up reading books by Chris Yates and Rod Hutchinson (amongst others) and so when I first started drawing fishing portraits I drew them to practice. I soon progressed onto drawing portraits for friends including Tony Kingdon of Furzebray and Mark Frith of Lakebed Leads who both helped me out immensely in starting up my business with their enthusiasm and support. David Blackaller